Thursday, February 20, 2020

Aiguille du Peigne on Mont Blanc massif + New Routes on Busy Patagonia Spire + M Hood in Oregon Devil's Kitchen Headwall

Herri and Boissenot score new descent on Aiguille du Peigne on Mont Blanc massif - PlanetMtn
Traffis Jams and new routes  on Patagonia Spire - from Rock and Ice magazine's website
Mt Hood in Oregon - Devil's Kitchen Headwall Variation -Trip report with pictures - CascadeClm
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Herry and Boissenot score new descent om Aiguille du Peigne in the Mont Blanc massif. -- Traffic Jams and New Routes on Patagonia Spires  Mt Hood - Oregon - Devil's Kitchen Headwall Variation

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Back from a month in Patagonia. Nefarious weather, on the ugly stable, then finally came nice and we went for some ice, in the middle of the southern summer. The call of Cerro Torre irresistible, this time we climbed from the south the side visible already from the pampa. The beautiful ice line exposed by Tiempos Perdidos that leads to the Colle della Speranza, then along the road dei Spiders of Lecco now the classic at the Torre, always bellĂ­sima. Thanks to Jorge Ackerman with whom we experienced moments of uncertainty. Good luck on the next climb. Thanks to La Sportiva and Black Diamond for the support. Thanks to the legendary Seba of
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