Monday, February 3, 2020

Cerro Piergiorgio in Patagonia New E Face Climb + Alex Txikon Must Summit Without Garcia +

Cerro Piergiorgio in Patagonia, new east face climb by Bau and Zaccaria -
Alex Txikon and his team must overcome the loss of injured Garcia to summit - by
Chochamo Valley - Chile/Argentina - Trip Report with pictures - from BecauseFlatSucks website
Cerro Piergiorgio east face, new route in Patagonia by Alessandro Bau and Giovanni Zaccaria
02.02.2020 from Planetmountain
On the east face of Cerro Piergiorgio in Patagonia Alessandro Baù and Giovanni Zaccaria have opened a new ice route called Scrumble de manzana -- In English

Patagonia, nuova via sul Cerro Piergiorgio per Baù e Zaccaria - Montagna.TV -- Alex Txikon and his team must overcome the loss of injured Jonathan Garcia to summit Everest  --  Chochamo Valley - Chile/Argentina

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I’ve now been in Patagonia for one month, and the weather has been remarkably bad, even by Patagonian standards. On Saturday, despite high winds, @fabi_buhl and I had a fun day in the mountains, climbing Cerro Electrico and Aguja Guillaumet. It wasn’t the sort of big objective we’d been dreaming about, but we were happy to have a big day of moving quickly in alpine terrain. It’s a way to climb Guillaumet as a day trip that I would highly recommend, with less trail than the normal approach, and more high alpine terrain. The majority of the past month the weather has been too poor to go alpine climbing, but unlike an expedition to a place like Denali, life in Chaltén is pretty darn good during the bad weather. There’s much less wind and precipitation around town than up in the mountains, with lots of bouldering, sport climbing, and hiking/running to do. The first photo is of my longtime friend, climbing partner, and mentor, @rolo_garibotti simul-soloing an easy multi-pitch route across the river from town. Photos 2-5 are from Guillaumet on Saturday,


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