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Fabian Buhl Paraglides off Cerro Torre in Patagonia + Snow Leopards Nail Last Winter + Cerro Torre Summited by Sebastian Alvaro Peak +

Fabian Buhl Paraglides off Cerro Torre in Patagonia - from
Snow Leopards Nail Last Winter Peak - from website
Cerro Torre summited by Sebastian Alvaro - from his facebook post
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Fabian Buhl paraglides off Cerro Torre (Patagonia) -- Snow Leopards Nail Last Winter Peak

Summit on cerro torre. Our colleagues Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Mari Iraola and martin pala have uploaded today, at 16 hours of Argentina, to the summit of Cerro Torre. It was his first attempt and this season no one had yet uploaded to the tower. A party has uploaded yesterday before them which is of great merit, because the last long of the mushroom can take five hours of work and it's not the same to be the first than the seconds. But I'll tell you when they go down At the See More

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Fabi is the first person to fly off the summit of Cerro Torre after climbing up it (more historic details later). Together with Laura Tiefenthaler and
, they climbed the Ragni route, cleaning copious amounts of rime as they “re-opened” the route during the first ascent of the season. Working with a French team composed by Christoph, JB and Matthieu, they “opened” (cleaned) all but the last 15 meters of the final pitch.
Fabi chose to fly off very early in the morning so as to avoid thermal exchange winds. The take-off was not without excitement. As he took the first steps, he realized that one of the lines was tangled, but he knew that if he stopped, he would have a hard time recovering psyche to try again, so he kept running, hoping the line would untangle as he loaded the glider (it did not). After a 17 minute flight, he landed on the Torre Glacier, in the vicinity of the “nunatak”. He wished he would have stayed in the air longer, but his hands got quite cold (the freezing line was at 2000m).
Thirty one years ago, in 1988, Matthias and Michael Pinn climbed the Supercanaleta and flew off the summit of Cerro Fitz Roy. Four days later, together with Uwe Passler they climbed the Compressor route, again carrying their paragliders, but were unable to fly off the summit due to poor weather. A week later they hitchhiked a ride back to the summit in a helicopter, and all three flew off. In 1991, Roman Tschurtschenthaler also hitchhiked a ride to the summit in a helicopter, and flew off.


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