Monday, February 17, 2020

Urubko Back in Base Camp After Surviving Avalanche + Tragic Accidents in Appenines (Italy) +

Breaking : Denis Urubko back in Base Camp after surviving an avalanche - from Explorersweb
A tragic weekend in the Italian Mountains - The Alpine Arch and in the Appenines -
2019/20 Winter Himalaya Climbs : Urubko ends Broad Peak Summit Push -- from Alan Arnette
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Breaking : Denis Urubko back in Base Camp After Surviving Avalanche. --- A tragic weekend in Italian Mountains - The Alpine Arch and in the Appenines  --  Urubko ends Broad Peak summit push

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 02/16/2020 PCT I-10 North
With James Hall, Chris Weber and Duke, his Golden, we set off where the PCT crosses the I-10 to do the 8.25 mile PCT to the Whitewater Visitor Center. Did not see anyone till we got close to the Canyon View Loop trail several hours later. The Desert Bloom has begun including many golden yellow desert poppies. The hike winds by some wind turbine energy farms and has amazing topography with some neat steep canyons and vistas.
Pacific Crest Trail: Section C (San Bernardino Mountains)
Section C is essentially a diagonal traverse of the San Bernardino mountains. With snowy peaks standing over 11,000 feet tall, this is the highest range in southern California. From Cabazon the trail climbs 6,000 vertical feet up Mission Canyon to the Coon Creek Jumpoff, a spectacular cliff set thousands of feet above the desert. Hope to get to this part of the PCT in a week or two.

Greg Boswell, Jeff Mercier discover unclimbed ice around Lofoten and Tennevoll in Norway


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