Saturday, February 15, 2020

Tres Cruces Norte - Argentina + Urubko to Launch Broad Peak Summit Push Feb 17 + Mt Hood (Oregon) - Reid Glacier Headwall

Tres Cruces Norte (Argentina) -  Trip report with pictures from Seano on his website (Dr Dirtbag
2019/20 Winter Himalaya Climbs : Urubko to launch Broad Peak Summit Push Feb 17 - Arnette 
Mt Hood (Oregon) - Reid Glacier Headwall - Trip report with pictures - from Cascade Climbers
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Seano -- Tres Cruces Norte - Atacama  -- Alan Arnette -- 2019/20 Winter Himalaya Climbs : Urubko to launch Broad Peak summit push - February 17  --  Mt Hood - Oregon - Reid Glacier Headwall

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TORRE EGGER - Lower east pillar - “MA’s Vision”.In January of 2019, Brette Harrington and Quentin Linfield Roberts, climbed a new line on the lower east pillar of Torre Egger, a line first scoped by the late Marc-Andr√© Leclerc. Brette and Quentin climbed nine new pitches (around 400m), finding difficulties to 7b. In 2019, bad weather prevented them from continuing on to the summit..About a week ago, and together with Horacio Gratton, they reclimbed their line and linked it into the upper part of Titanic (950m altogether). Ice in the cracks prevented them from free-climbing the crux, and forced to make a three pitch variation to their original line. They spent four days on the climb, two full climbing days, one waiting for conditions to improve at the half-height snowfield, and one descending.



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