Monday, February 24, 2020

Everest : Push Begins, Kobusch Passes 7000 m + Evolution Traverse Accident (Jan 28) +

Everest : Push begins , Kobusch Passes 7000m - Sherpas on a different route -
Old Tat (hardware) Breaks on Evolution Traverse in the Sierras - January 28 -
Aguja Poincenot (Patagonia) : Probable first repeat for Italian team - from
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Everest : Push begind, Kobusch passes 7000m -- Old Tat breaks on Evolution Traverse in the Sierras - Jan 28  --  Aguja Poincenot in Patagonia

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Matías Korten and agustín mailing opened a new track on the top of the west face of the l's needle. They started by thaw's not houlding Wright, living at the foot of the upper wall, then climbing the obvious "red raja". the team necessary for a repetition are double until #4, double tcus, and a game of Stoppers


A couple more shots from the last foray into the mountains with @alexhonnold: Photo 1 of Adaptable Alex nearing the main summit of Cerro Piergiorgio, and Photo 2 of myself headed up the pitch immediately afterward, to arrive at the summit. In the Chaltén Massif, more than anywhere else that I know, there is often a big difference in overall difficulty to arrive at the true summit versus some point below. It is not uncommon here that the literal last meters of the mountain are the most difficult (for example with Cerro Pollone and Aguja Guillaumet). These sorts of tricky finishes help explain the otherwise baffling fact that our ascent of Piergiorgio a few days ago was only the third-ever complete ascent of this mountain, despite the fact that it is one of the most prominent peaks here. @patagonia_climb @petzl_official @scarpaspa @totemmt @ El Chaltén


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