Saturday, February 22, 2020

Last Chance for Winter Everest : Kobusch Moves + Cerro Union in the Andes + Txikon Summit Push Feb 24 or 25

Last Chance for Winter Everest : Kobusch Moves, Txikon Readies - from
Cerro Union in the Andes --  Trip report with pictures from Seano on his website (Dr Dirtbag)
Alex Txikon summit push possible February 24 or 25 on Winter Everest without oxygen  Desnivel
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Last Chance for Winter Everest : Kobusch Moves, Txikon Readies. -- Seano -- Cerro Union - Andes -- Trip report with pictures  --  Winter Everest summit push possible February 24 or 25

Alex Txikon con uno de sus compañeros en la expedición invernal al Everest sin oxígeno 2020.

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AGUJA STANDHARDT - “Il dado è tratto” - topo.
.Here is the topo for “Il dado e’ tratto”, the new route climbed a couple of weeks ago by Matteo Bernasconi, Matteo Della Bordella and Matteo Pasquetto, on the north face of Aguja Standhardt.
.The name, which comes from the Julius Caesar quote “Alea iacta est”, means “the die is cast”, and is a play on words because the word die in Italian also means nut (Stopper).

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