Monday, February 24, 2020

Mt Shuksan - White Salmon Gl (Cascades ) + Honnold Climbs Big Routes in Patagonia +

Mt Shuksan - White Salmon Gl - Cascades - WA - Trip report with pictures - Cascade Climbers
Alex Honnold climbs big routes in Patagonia - from Gripped Magazine website
Volcan Tinguiririca - Chile  --  Trip report with pictures by Seano on his website
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Mt Shuksan - White Salmon Gl. - Cascades - WA -- Trip report with pictures -- Alex Honnold climbs big routes in Patagonia  --  Volcan Tinguiririca - in Chile

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@colinhaley1 and I just got out from a few days in the mountains - he already posted the technical details of what we climbed so I’ll stick to the more subjective experience. We climbed some new peaks that were extremely scenic (look at the Fitz range!!) and I got to practice to some new skills (3 days of climbing in boots and crampons). As I often joke, it was basically an extreme backpacking trip.
Colin did all of the leading, because he’s an alpine boss, though it was mostly traversing terrain which made it a bit engaging for me as well.
First photo is random (scenic!) snow slope climbing. Second photo is leaving our third bivy.


@alexhonnold and I are back in Chaltén after a four-day sojourn in the mountains. Because of poor conditions at the start of the weather window, we had a pretty leisurely first couple of days, and then a couple more action-packed days. We made a traverse of Cerro Pollone, Cerro Piergiorgio, and Domo Blanco. Really though, Cerro Pollone was an easy warm-up, Domo Blanco an easy cool-down, and traversing Piergiorgio was the bulk of the climbing. Piergiorgio is a serrated knife-edge of a mountain, with a precipitous big-wall on the west-side, and lower-angle but icier slopes on the east side. We never once donned the rock shoes that we brought, and we both ended the adventure with quite sore feet from the sustained front-pointing. Alex is very adaptable, and continues to make rapid progress in developing his alpine skill set. Our original hope was to continue traversing southwards past Domo Blanco, but very high winds yesterday evening sent us out of the mountains. As a result, we returned to town with three extra days worth of food, three extra days worth of fuel, and a bunch more pitons and nuts for rappel anchors. I


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