Friday, February 21, 2020

Diehards on Everest and Batura Sar + Marmolejo in Chile (T/R and Pictures) + Latok and Choktoi Valley

The Diehards on Everest and Batura Sar - from website
Marmolejo in Chile - Trip report with pictures from Seano on his blog (Dr Dirtbag)
Heading back to Latok with Simon Gietl and Choktoi Valley with Thomas Huber -
Mt San Jacinto rescue --  See below in the Facebook section

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- The Diehards on Everest and Batura Sar -- Seano -- Marmolejo - Chile -- Trip Report with pictures - Heading back to Latok with Simon Gietl and Choktoi Valley with Thomas Huber

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Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit
 is in 
San Jacinto Mountains

· Public

The team has been busy with 3 hoist rescues in under 48 hours. Hikers on Fuller Ridge, Skyline Trail and the north face of San Jacinto all needed help. Big thanks to @riversidesheriffaviation for all their awesome work.


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